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Rural Development Initiative

W2LI Rural Development Initiative

Walk2Learn International Rural Development Initiative Program is committed to empowering rural leaders who strengthen their communities by implementing effective and sustainable solutions to community challenges. W2LI supports rural community efforts by providing loan assistance programs to develop income generating social enterprises. Walk2Learn International believes in rural community autonomy and recognizes that individuals in rural communities know how to solve their community’s problems, but do not have access to the necessary resources and support. As such, W2LI collaborates and supports inspired leaders of rural communities who empower their people, rely on indigenous resources to build a sustainable community.


To support rural community leaders/chiefs in capacity-building programs for the development of effective and sustainable solutions to rural community challenges.

Rdev Loan Program (Rural Development Loan Program)

W2LI’s Rural Development Loan Program helps rural individuals, communities and businesses obtain financial and technical assistance. These are loans are primarily secured through an application process and reduced paperwork designed to help low-income farmers, traders, small-scale businesses, and individuals in rural areas.

Funds can be used for

Farm equipment (buy, rent, lease or repair needed tools and equipment)

Farm chemicals and seeds (fertilizer, pesticides, etc.)

Livestock and feed

Farm related debt

Small-scale business expansion

Minor farm improvements

Trading (market women to buy supplies, etc)


The applicant must prove that the loan will be used for an ongoing business project or a detailed plan for a future project. Loans are made for a period of 1 year and must be renewed afterwards. For more information, please contact [email protected].