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Changing Lives is our mission
Changing Lives is our mission
Changing Lives is our mission

About Us

Walk2Learn International (W2LI) is a 501(c)3 organization established in 2009 to bridge the literacy gap between developing and developed countries, and improve the quality of healthcare delivery services in developing nations. W2LI is committed to promoting equal access to educational opportunities in underserved and underperforming communities by providing educational resources and learning tools. W2LI is also dedicated to improving healthcare services by promoting extensive health prevention programs and better treatment initiatives in underprivileged regions globally. In the long term, we hope to develop a burgeoning generation of better skilled and better educated youth, which gives them a better chance at success in the modern literate world.


“Is to promote equal access to educational and health opportunities by providing learning and health resources and tools to children and families in underserved communities”


Positively impacting the lives of the underserved and underprivileged globally; by giving them an opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.


Integrity, Empowerment, Excellence, Community Involvement, Good Stewardship, Sustainability, Innovation, Commitment, Empathy

We are committed to changing lives through quality education and health care. With our visionary and passion driven team, we have been able to change lives in a special way.You too can be part of that change. Join us! Together, we can change lives through Quality Education and Health Care in communities through partnerships.