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Customize your workflows to track all aspects of the sales cycle, from lead gen to post-sale support.

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As competition for leads and sales grows, sales teams and business owners need a better way to track customers through every stage of the buyer journey.

What is the Best CRM Software?

After using a ton of different CRMs across numerous tech companies and testing both small business CRMs and enterprise CRMs, here are my top picks for the best CRM software.

1. Salesforce

Best Enterprise CRM Software.

Adam’s Take

Want a selling tool that your team can start using out of the box? Salesforce is my #1 recommendation for anything (and everything) CRM-related. If you want to get more leads, close more sales and build relationships with your audience, Salesforce gets my top recommendation.

Best For Overall CRM

Price $25/mo-$1250/mo

Annual Discount No

Promotion 30-Day Free Trial

Salesforce is one of the most famous names on this list and has more than a million users worldwide. It’s a cloud-based CRM software that caters to all the branches of a business, including sales, service, marketing, analytics, and more.

2. Monday

Best CRM Workflows.

Adam’s Take

Want to get your hands on the best CRM overall? With custom sales pipelines created based on your specifications, the ability to set up your own workflows and make the best out of your data, and many other functions, I declare Monday.com as the best CRM system overall.

Best For CRM Workflows

Price $0/mo-$16/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 18%

Promotion Get Started For Free

Monday.com allows you to customize your workflows to track all the aspects of the sales cycle, from lead generation to post-sale support.
If you want to tailor anything related to your sales pipeline, workflow, or customer data, Monday.com is your best bet.
Getting the complete view of your customers and sales data is very accessible with Monday.com, and it’s an excellent choice for companies that want to monitor their sales process closely.
In addition, you can visualize everything at a glance with the Monday.com dashboard, making it easy to spot any potential bottlenecks or problems in your sales cycle.

3. Pipedrive

Adam’s Take

Pipedrive is the best overall CRM software that I have found. With AI powering repetitive tasks and managing leads and sales, Pipedrive is a tool that is designed just right for salespeople.

Best For Growing your revenue

Price $12.50/mo-$99/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 17%

Promotion Get Started For Free

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM that uses AI to automated repetitive tasks and manage leads and sales. They currently support over 90,000 customers and over $24 billion in deals have passed through their platform.

4. Salesmate

Best for businesses that want to build solid relationships.

Adam’s Take

If revenue and relationships are the two most important factors in your business, then Salesmate is my recommendation for you. With a simple, personal and productive experience, you’ll always be on top of your customer relationships.

Best For Relationship Building

Price $12/mo-$40/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 20%

Promotion Get Started For Free

Salesmate is great for those that want to increase revenue and connections in their business.
Salesmate is a cloud-based sales performance customer management software that empowers your sales team and customers with simple, personal, and productive experiences.
Providing a personal touch to your prospects ensure they get the right information at the right time.

5. Freshworks CRM

Smartest Sales Features.

Adam’s Take

If you want to have more context-driven sales with a shorter sales cycle, then I’d urge you to check out Freshworks. With a 360 degree view of your customers, you can close deals faster and be more effective in your sales process.

Best For Smart Sales Features

Price $0/mo-$69/mo

Annual Discount Yes – Save 17%

Promotion Get Started For Free

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) is an AI-based CRM for lead scoring, email activity, email capture, and so forth. One of its most prominent features is that it provides a 360-degree view of your business.
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What is the Best CRM Software?